Janja Marc

Prof.dr. Janja Marc, EuClinChem. is full professor of Clinical Biochemistry and the head of Laboratory of molecular diagnostics at Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Ljubljana.

She is giving lectures for undergraduate students of Pharmacy and Laboratory biomedicine and for Ph.D. students of Biomedicine in different topics of clinical chemistry, laboratory medicine and molecular diagnostics. She has been the tutor at over 120 diploma/master works and nearly 15 PhD theses.

She is the coordinator of master program of Laboratory biomedicne and coordinator of PhD programme of Clinical Biochemistry and principal coordinator of international CEEPUS student exchange network. Her research is focused on bone biology and metabolic proceses in adipose tissue in humans. Her research group started to study genetic backgrounds of complex diseases like osteoporosis, osteoarthrosis, insulin resistance, obesity and also lung cancer.

After the genotype-phenotype association studies and genome-wide analyses of the bone cells genomes and transcriptomes her group is focusing on functional evaluation of identified genetic variations using different in vitro tests including microsomes, transfected cells etc. One part of her research is related to the role of epigenetic factors like micro RNAs, histone modulating enzymes and DNA methylation in muscoskeketal and other human diseases.

As a part, in the pharmacogenetic studies she is studying the genetic variations in UDP glucoronyl-transferase gene on raloxifene metabolism and ion transporters genes on imatinib resistance as well as different Cyp variants on varfarin, clopidrogrel and tamoksifene pharmacokinetics. She was the principal investigator in many national and bilateral research projects and the leader of Slovenian researchers in GENOMOS consortium in FP7 EU project. She is the author of over 90 scientific papers with over 1000 citations (h-index=16).

She served as a head or an active member in different professional and regulatory bodies related to the field of laboratory medicine in Slovenia. She was a head of Laboratory diagnostics advisory board at Ministry of health RS and the head of Commission for licencing and education at Slovenian Laboratory Medicine Chamber. She is the member of editorial boards of four international journals: Biochemia Medica, Acta Pharmaceutica, DMDI and Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine. Since 2012 she is serving as a general secretary and co-chair of Education Division in ESPT.