Peter Jacobs

  • Faculty: Lifetechnologies
  • Degrees: Genetic Analysis Strategy Consultant


Studies: 1989: Degree “Master in Industrial Engineering Biochemistry”

Career Overview

• Jan 1991 – Sept 1992 Sales Engineer BioRad
• Oct 1992 - today Lifetechnologies 


  • 1992 Sales Engineer PCR products Belgium
  • 1994 Sales Engineer Instruments & PCR products
  • 1996 Sales Engineer Instruments GA/SDS
  • 1999 Sales GA/SDS Instruments Teamleader
  • 2001 Teamleader Sales MB Benelux
  • 2006 Sales Manager Sales MB Benelux
  • 2008 Senior Sales Manager Sales MB Benelux
  • 2010 Senior Sales Manager Sales MB Benelux-Nordics
  • 2011 Senior Sales Manager Sales EMEA NGS TSS
  • 2013 Genetic Analysis Strategy Consultant EMEA

In my role as Genetic Analysis Strategy Consultant, I am focussing on pharmacogenomic testing. This is a fast growing application from which the patient will benefit by receiving the right drug at the right moment and at the right dose as well as the local healthcare system by overall reducing the cost. Lifetechnolgies has tools available to make these tests economically viable, scalable and flexible. I am networking with the KOL’s in this area to fully understand the needs today and in the near future and make sure that Lifetechnologies can support them in making these tests available for every patient.