Letter from the President

(November 6, 2017)

Dear ESPT members,

It was a great pleasure meeting you all at the 4th ESPT Conference in Catania, Italy! The high level of presentations, combined with a great participation of over 280 people and the possibility to interact with relevant companies in the field of pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics made this event a great success! I myself enjoyed very much all presentations and interactions, and I hope you enjoyed the meetings as well. Hopefully,  the knowledge and experiences gained at this meeting will be of value to you in your research, implementation and educational efforts regarding pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine. At this place, I would like to sincerely thank Prof Filippo Drago and his team for the wonderful hospitality. Special thanks to Antonio & team from MedeaCom and Benjamin & team from ComnCo, for really an excellent organization!

As presented at the ESPT General Assembly, ESPT is already working on the next events. An ESPT Summerschool is being prepared in Geneva, September 24-27, 2018. Save the date! Also the venue for ESPT 2019 was announced: Amsterdam!

For members of ESPT, the slides of the Catania meeting can be seen in the members-only section of this website. Not a member yet? Well, perhaps a great moment to join ESPT! We would value very much your input and contribution! Hoping to meet you in person on one of the upcoming ESPT events…..


Kindest regards,



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