Strategic Plan


The strategic plan is intended to achieve a number of principal objectivesESPT orb, with the priorities and tactical implementation being guided by the ESPT Membership.

These internal and external changes are all intended to maintain ESPT as a valid and credible resource of expertise for the improvement of patient care and citizen health.


The principal objectives of the strategic plan are:

  • To improve and maintain the multidisciplinary and international leadership of ESPT in specific Pharmacogenomics (PGX) biomarkers activities. PGX is the best example of personalized therapy and personalized medicine.
  • To ensure that its standardization and research activities are more oriented towards the patient and towards promoting the health and well-being of the individual.

  • To ensure consistency between its activities and the stated expectations of the ESPT members, recognizing the needs of both developed and developing countries. To increase the number of National Societies and Networks.

  • To develop and maintain ESPT communications, to promote publications and products from ESPT, including recommendations, guidelines, consensus reports, commentaries, and to set up joint promotion activities with other European and international organizations.

  • To establish collaborations, joint meetings and projects with European and international organizations having interest in the field of PGX and - personalized medicine.

  • To promote ESPT through international and regional congresses.

  • To promote Members' activities.

  • To encourage scientific and professional development of individuals in Research groups and the recruitment of new members and experts to ESPT operating units.

  • To develop and maintain Public Relations.

Each new ESPT Executive Board revisits and interprets these principal objectives, so that they are fresh and relevant to current issues, challenges and opportunities.

The result is a series of specific strategic objectives for the period of an Executive board.

The Society