COMMITTEES to be created in 2015/2016


Drug Transporters (created)

Ingolf Cascorbi

(in Collaboration with Roche Pharma: Christoph Funk)

Definitions Personalized Medicine, Stratified Medicine, Individualized Medicine, Systems Medicine…

(collaboration with Nathan I. Cherny)

Maurizio Simmaco

Curriculae and education for pharmacogenomics and

personalized medicine

Joint committee with EFLM

Janja Marc

Pharmacogenomics information for generic drugs

(after a first recommendation in 2012)

Vangelis Manolopoulos

(with the help of Ron van Schaik, Janja Marc and Adrian Llerena)

Endiobiotic and Drug interactions

Adrian Llerena

(with the help of Vangelis Manolopoulos, Ingolf Cascorbi, Maurizio Simmaco)

American group collaboration

(Mary Relling, Wolfgang Sadee, A. Shuldiner, Dan Roden,

Teri Manolio, Steve Wong, Mark Linder, Russ Altman)

Gérard Siest / Ron van Schaik



Starting from 2016:


Transcription factors and Pharmacogenomics

Ulrich Zanger


Pediatric individualised treatment in oncology and hematology

Marc Ansari

Smoking /Environment and interactions with drugs


Sophie Visvikis-Siest

Pharmacogenomics and Point of care

Ron van Schaik / Candan Hizel



Committee rules:

  • Creation for 2 years
  • Objectives: preparing useful recommendations for preclinical studies /clinical trials / Clinical Implementation

 Possible consensus papers

  •  1 publication / Report in adapted journals
  •  Support: 3,000 € maximum for 2 years support of 3 members (400 €) for 1 meeting/year. Some secretariat help (600€ if necessary)

Joint committees with other European National Organizations and Americans are the best strategy.