Communication and External Relations

Chair: Maurizio Simmaco


Members: Ingolf Cascorbi, Adrian Llerena, Irena Prodan Žitnik, Alexandros Petrelis


Strategic Objectives of Communication and External Relations Division 2015-2017  

1. To structure the division on communication, public and external relations with full members and associate members representing corporate and institutional membership.

2. To organize the website and ensure it is maintained with up to date information.

3. To develop a graphical chart for all ESPT documents.

    To update the materials for a conference booth, a communication kit, business cards,...

4. To follow-up the relations with other European and International organizations having related activities and signing memorandum for the other collaborations.

    To work with EFLM in a joint committee on Personalized Laboratory Medicine.

5. To follow-up the information content of DMPT (Drug Metabolism and Personalized Therapy), the ESPT journal.

6. To publish regular newsletters.

7. To prepare specific materials to inform all citizens (website, documents…).

8. To update the informations on Linkedin and other social networks.

9. To organize press conference at each ESPT meeting and release of press material for local, national and European news papers, websites and social networks.




  • We developed:
1) a public relation strategy with a specialized company
2) a new logo
3) a 6 pages flyer including updated information on all structures
4) roll ups for meetings

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