Scientific Research Division

Scientific Research Division


Chair: Marc Ansari

Strategic Objectives of Scientific Research Division:
Bring together basic and translational research in meetings and symposia

The Scientific Research Division and Clinical Implementation Division address both scientific research as well as clinical implementation, with the idea that the barrier between these two fields should be low. Both divisions will focus on promoting and facilitating clinical implementation of valuable new pharmacogenetic/genomic biomarkers. For this, specific working groups will be formed. 

Drug Transporters (Ingolf Cascorbi, Christoff Funk)
Endiobiotic and Drug interactions (Adrian LLerena)
Transcription factors and Pharmacogenomics (Ulrich Zanger)
Pediatric individualised treatment in oncology and hematology (Marc Ansari)

Enhance research on, and facilitate clinical implementation of personalized medicine for patient care

ESPT believes that a major problem for clinical implementation of personalized medicine, particularly pharmacogenetics/genomics, is that the field is not sufficiently organized at this moment. Clinicians and patients should be able to benefit from the knowledge we have accumulated today for guiding individual drug therapy. Therefore, ESPT has a strong focus translation. We aim to promote this process by offering a powerful organization that brings together experts in the field.

Actions of the division
1. Identify with this working group barriers for clinical implementation and suggest solutions to overcome these
2. Create possibilities for combined research projects